In a revealing new interview with the New York Times, Megan Fox says she didn’t speak out during the #MeToo movement, not because she wasn’t a victim herself, but because she didn’t believe the... Read More.
After Kevin Hart stepped down as host of the 2019 Oscars following backlash over resurfaced homophobic tweets, several people pointed out that white female comedians like Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman had... Read More.
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Kim Kardashian is spilling the tea on her past drug use, her sister’s rumored marriage and the cardinal beauty rule she breaks on the regular.ICYMI, Kim recently revealed that she’d filmed her famous sex... Read More.
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Over the weekend, Thomas Markle opened his mouth again after weeks of relative quiet. He told The Mail how angry he was about the “wall of silence” his daughter Meghan Markle and her husband... Read More.
ELLEN POMPEO AND PATRICK DEMPSEY DON’T TALK: Although they worked together for 11 years, Ellen Pompeo recently told Jada Pinkett Smith on her Red Table Talk show that she and Patrick Dempsey haven’t spoken... Read More.
CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS NOMINATIONS ANNOUNCED: The Favourite led the pack with 14 nominations for the Broadcast Film Critics Association’s 24th Annual Critics Choice Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director and noms for all three... Read More.
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Moving on, or trying to at least. After stepping down as host of the Oscars following a backlash against anti-gay tweets that he deleted from his timeline, the 39-year-old Kevin Hart shared images of... Read More.
He’s ba-ack! After a period of relative quiet, Thomas Markle is back at it again, denouncing his estranged daughter Meghan Markle. Thomas famously launched the worst royal scandal in decades by posing for paid... Read More.