Tuesday Night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Laura Dern had a funny Thanksgiving story.

With “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” out in theaters, Mister Rogers’ widow is share intimate details of their life. Joanne Rogers, 90, recently did an interview where she shared how he liked to liven up dull events they had to attend. And it’s a gas! “He would just raise one cheek and he would look at me and smile,” she said. yes, even clean-cut Mister Rogers appreciated a good fart!

Did you know that the Pilgrims tried Socialism and it failed?

A new survey of 2,000 Americans recently explored the concept of “guest room etiquette” and unveiled the biggest faux pas guests can commit while staying with a host:  Snooping around: 48%, Break/damage host’s belongings: 48%, Leave a mess when departing: 45%, Being too loud: 45%, Smoking: 44%, Leave a mess in the bathroom: 40%, Stay up all night watching TV with volume up high: 39%, Come back drunk: 39%, and being too demanding: 39%

Carolina Panthers player Brian Burns has given first responders in Charlotte, North Carolina something else to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Viral Tweet of the Day is from Maya Kosoff on the weird things people eat on Thanksgiving

The Weeknd recently teased fans on something new coming and now we know what it is.

While we’re enjoying Thanksgiving with our families, there are roughy 60,000-70,000 troops deployed overseas who cannot spend Thanksgiving with their families. Here’s what Thanksgiving has looked like for them in the past.

Your typical Thanksgiving dinner should cost around $4-5/person. But one NY restaurant has a dinner that will set you back $181,000!

Green Giant is now in the record books for the largest serving of Green bean casserole. The nosh weighed in at a whopping one-thousand-nine-pounds!

There’s another movie remake in the works. 

Will and Grace air tonight – could it be the episode paying tribute to I Love Lucy?