With the success of the big screen portrayals of his friends Elton John and Freddie Mercury capturing the public's attention — not to mention big bucks at the box office — Rod Stewart is keen for his own biopic. Rod told Rolling Stone, "I’d love to do that. My two youngest boys are 8 and 10. They say, 'Dad, we look like you! We can be the young you!' I’d love to see it happen. I wouldn’t want to do it like Elton’s (movie Rocketman). That turned out a bit like Mama Mia!, but the Queen one (Bohemian Rhapsody) was bloody marvelous. I loved it. Now, whether it will or won’t happen, I don’t know. I’m not going to lose any sleep over it."

On November 22nd, Rod will release You're In My Heart: Rod Stewart With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, but explained he's already sizing up his next studio project, which might include the early-Bob Dylan castoff "Walls Of Redwing," some Celtic folk music, and assorted Willie Nelson tunes: "I want to do songs that aren’t necessarily catchy, but have the most wonderful lyrics. One reason I want to do it is because my wife says she always loves it when I do my acoustic set in concert because she can really hear me sing as opposed to the rock n' roll stuff."

He touched upon a possible collaboration with former bandmate Jeff Beck, with whom he performed with back in September in L.A. during a double bill at the Hollywood Bowl. He recalled the duos' scrapped sessions from a decade ago: "We’ve got opinions that don’t seem to blend somehow, my idea of what an album should be and his. It doesn’t work. We both want to take the helm, so one of us has to stand down. . . The answer to that would be to find a producer. And then we can just work on the material. We can get in the studio and do it. . .  Maybe it would be good to get someone neutral in. Put that out there for me. Maybe that will bring us together and we’d have to listen like a couple of schoolboys."

When we last caught up with Jeff Beck, he revealed that Rod has yet to show any type of commitment towards a serious collaboration between the two: ["He's got to focus. And, I've already done 11 demos for him, and he said they were in the wrong key. So that there's the commitment; he didn't even tell me which key, (laughs), y'know, to do these tracks. But I don't want be sour grapes. He prefers football and maybe that's the problem."] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . . that's the problem)

Rod Stewart kicks off a 13-date UK tour on November 23rd in Manchester, England. Throughout the trek, Rod and his band will be backed by a 36-piece orchestra.