Last night’s TV – Khalea Lynee was the four-chair turn of the night on The Voice. Her take on “Best Part” was absolutely flawless. She chose John Legend

Contest for CAPP – winner – Haley of Alexander City.

Late night’s TV – James Corden jokes about a groom robbing a bank in order to pay for wedding rings for his ceremony.

An Illinois family says they got the surprise of a lifetime.

Pete Weber might not be the new “Bachelor” this season.

This just goes to show you how unorganized some employers can be.

Billy Joel is a man of his word – especially for his fans. 

Has this ever happened to someone YOU know?

If you vape and fly, you will want to read this article.

In your Tweet of the Day, one woman in Rancho Cucamonga, CA’s candy rant has gone viral.  Puleease!!!

A Connecticut man brought in a grande gourd that tipped the scales at nearly 23-hundred pounds.

Halsey just dropped the video for her latest single “Graveyard,” which doesn’t actually take place at a graveyard. 

Kevin Hart is back at work.