Contest – trivia for CAPP tickets – winner: Dana of Weogufka.

A bargain hunter bought a small vase purchased at a local thrift shop that could be worth over $98K! 

On the Late Late Show last night, Sean Hayes and James Corden sang a duet about how much they don’t want to sing a duet together. (LOL)

Pierce Brosnan has given his two cents about the possibility of a female James Bond. 

Your Celebrity Tweet of the day – Could there be another “Harry Potter” movie on the way? 

John Mayer just debuted a brand new tune. The singer released the track “Carry Me Away,”Available on Amazon music.

Viral Video of the Day – Here’s one way to deal with telemarketers.

Amazon is testing new technology that would scan your hand for payment at the grocery store, instead of scanning your credit card.

The latest theory is that the loveable know-it-all C-3PO is unknowingly a double agent working against the resistance who’s true allegiance lies with the Dark Side.

Tom Hanks appeared at the Toronto International Film Festival over the weekend and shared a story of how that movie helps his and his wife when they argue.