After not talking for “nearly a decade,” Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith have reunited. Filmmaker Smith recruited Affleck, 46, for the upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, a sequel to 2001’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, in which he also starred. (But also to Smith’s entire oeuvre, including Chasing Amy, in which Affleck starred as well).

At Comic-Con, Smith, 48, shared a sweet selfie of the pair and opened up in a caption about the happy ending to a long estrangement.

In Reboot, Affleck will reprise his role as Holden from Chasing Amy, but the scene that Smith now dubs “magical and life-affirming” almost didn’t happen.

“When we started shooting the movie, the scene didn’t exist. This scene — and more importantly, my reunion with a guy who I’ve missed terribly for nearly a decade — only happened because of entertainment journalist Kevin McCarthy,” Smith revealed.

It happened because Affleck was recently asked in an interview if he was involved in Reboot. “Ben said no, but he was available,” Smith wrote.

Smith says he figured he wasn’t serious, but he still “finally” reached out.

“I was scared to be rejected, but I texted him, ‘To paraphrase the sad old King Osric in Conan the Barbarian? There comes a time when the jewels cease to sparkle, when the gold loses its luster, when the throne room becomes a prison, and all that is left is a director’s love for the people he used to make pretend with,'” Smith said. “And after a long beat of wondering how he’d receive this, my estranged friend wrote back as only he could: ‘Of course you still liken yourself to a king,’ he joked. And then ‘Would be a pleasure to see you again, Old Man.’ “

“So naturally, weepy me — who breaks down emotionally during comic book flicks — was a blubbery mess,” Smith wrote. “Not only did we score an amazing scene for the flick, but I also got my friend back — all because of entertainment journalism.”

Smith added, “It … brought back a massive missing piece of my heart.”

While the full story behind their estrangement is unclear, a Twitter user asked them in November and Smith responded: “If I had to guess? It’s because one of us has a big mouth and told too many candid stories that sometimes weren’t his to tell, and the other one is Ben.”