Behind the scenes in Hollywood, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Take Elle Fanning, who fainted at the Trophée Chopard dinner on Monday, May 20, while seated next to her sister Dakota. When the 21-year-old collapsed, her 25-year-old sister and Colin Firth managed—in rom-com fashion—to help her up as Marion Cotillard checked her heart and everyone looked on, hushed.

Festival director Thierry Frémaux was on stage with actor François Civil when she fainted, and the ceremony was paused until security was able to get the Fanning sisters to a quiet place to recover.

Later, Elle took to Instagram to tell her 2.9 million fans that she was OK, blaming a “too tight” dress and bloating on her fainting spell.

Fans, including some of her celeb friends, quickly wished her well. January Jones joked, “Where’s the smelling salts when you need em??”