James Taylor kicks off his 12-night Las Vegas residency at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace tonight (April 17th) and is promising a career retrospective for fans. Taylor spoke about the run to EW.com explaining, “It’s only something that I can do in relatively few places, so, it’s an experiment. Basically, we’ve worked up a set that’s a retrospective. There’s always an element of that to all of my shows anyway — that just acknowledges that people want to hear the hits. It’s an opportunity to really put on our most elaborate and most complete presentation. This particular staging that we’re going to present is something we’ve essentially been perfecting over the past couple of years.”

Taylor who's rarely been off the road over the past five decades, spoke frankly about his past views on playing “Sin City”: “I was a Vegas snob forever, for sure. Back in the day, Vegas definitely had a very specific connotation for us, and it was something (that rock artists) in the late-'60s and early-'70s, were distancing ourselves from. . . It’s now a town of two million people. It’s not just the strip; there’s an actual population there, and it’s just an excellent place to put on a show.”

James Taylor is currently prepping the followup to his 2015 chart-topping Before This World album — which amazingly was his first album to hit Number One on the Billboard 200 albums chart. The still-untitled set pairs the singer-songwriter with jazz guitarist John Pizzarelli for a new take on the “Great American Songbook.” No release date has been announced.

During a recent chat with PBS, James Taylor spoke candidly on how he handles his music and career today: “Life for me is pretty realized. The blanks are filled in. I know who I love, I know who my family is, I know who my musical community is that I work with. I have friends who do this also, who basically say — 'Y'know, I don't think I'm that motivated by it anymore. I'm not that interested in having people's attention, or, y'know, having them focus on me.' But I seem to be endlessly interested in it and I like my audience, too. What I seem to feel more as time goes by is grateful.”