Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have not only managed to remain friends and co-parent their son post-split, they’ve both been pretty open about moving on. 

The 42-year-old Faris opened up about their post-split approach in a recent episode of her podcast, telling Unqualified listeners: “Chris and I work really hard ‘cause we have Jack, that is sort of the long game idea and making sure Jack is really happy, which makes us really happy.We have sort of the luxury of circumstance. You know, we are both in other loving relationships. … But It’s like, how do you not in general sink into a place of bitterness?”

Faris, who has moved on with cinematographer Michael Barrett, says that despite the downside, she’s found the silver lining by re-embracing her sex life. She said: “Sometimes I’ll put on, like, my short black bob wig that I have and I play a different character, because I’m actress. I like to play different characters sometimes in a romantic situation. I like that it sort of satisfies my sensibilities of getting to be someone else and it is also, like, a turn on for a partner.”

She continued: “I also like to play really trashy girls because I am not a great lover. I’m very lazy. Usually, I like to call myself a stripper named Tragedy. It turns me on.”


Meanwhile, Guardians of the Galaxy star Pratt has moved on with Katherine Schwarzenegger. The 39-year-old flexed his moving skills in a video he posted to Instagram, as he helped her load her belongings into a van. 

He posted: “I love moving!! Picking up heavy things and moving them into the back of a truck was my major in college! (Full disclosure Chris Pratt did not go to a moving college but he did went to community college for a hot second). Point being… Need a dryer moved? Call Chris. Almost nobody in LA even has a truck so every time they have something to move they call me. Hey Chris, you still got that truck? ‘Oh hell yeah!!! Now I have a brand new truck thanks to @chevrolet!’ DM me with your location and what you need moved and I will be over very soon in my new Silverado.”

He admitted he was also shilling for Chevy in exchange for a truck: “It’s kind of like The Secret, you know. You put it out there and it happens.”

The pair have been together since at least June, and while it’s unclear if they moved into his place together, engagement rumors have been swirling.