Feels like 75°.
Humidity: 61% Dew Point: 61°
Clouds: 79% Pressure: 29.88 in
Wind: S 8 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 2:33pm
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75 61
Heavy rain starting in the afternoon.
100%   58%
6:04   7:23
74 57
Mostly cloudy until afternoon.
82%   43%
6:03   7:24
77 46
Partly cloudy overnight.
0%   10%
6:02   7:25

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Donald Watkins sentenced to prison for scamming Charles Barkley, others

Wednesday, July 17
A lawyer convicted of swindling NBA star Charles Barkley and using the name of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to bolster an investment scam... Read More...

Hot and humid Wednesday

Wednesday, July 17
The heat is really building in the nation's midsection. And it looks like we're in a spell for hot and humid weather for... Read More...

Hoover Met giving huge boost to city's economy

Wednesday, July 17
The Hoover Met is providing a huge boost to the local economy... Read More...

Pelham ICE raid scare causes panic

Tuesday, July 16
The social media rumors were not true, but created great concern in local immigrant communities... Read More...